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What to expect.



Touch rugby : the basics.

  • 6 players per team on the field. In mixed, this is split 3 girls/3 boys.

  • Up to 14 players per team with unlimited rolling substitutions


  • Run forwards, pass backwards.

  • When the ball carrier is touched by a defender, they must place the ball on the floor as still as possible and step over it. This is called a 'roll ball'.

  • The player who picks up the ball at the 'roll ball' cannot score or get touched. They are called the 'half'. They can run before they pass.

  • The attack have 6 touches to progress up the field to score a try.

  • The attack scores by placing the ball down over the try line. A try is worth 1 point. 

  • After 6 touches, or a mistake, the possession changes and the other team get a chance to attack.


  • To stop the ball carrier, a defender must make a 'touch'.

  • A 'touch' is made by touching any part of the attacking player, their clothing or the ball. This is minimal contact. 

  • After a 'touch' is made, all players on the defending team must move backwards 7 metres from the 'touch' to get 'onside'. 

For more details about the rules we will use at the Schools Touch Championships, click here.

Reigate Rugby Event 15th May 2023 (214) mark.e.jpg

Tournament format.

Each team should expect to play 4-6 matches throughout the day. This will include round games followed by a minimum of 1 play off or knock out match. 

To keep everyone engaged between games, students can join in skills-based coaching sessions or have a go at some fun mini skills-based challenges. 


Kit and equipment.

Players must have:

  • A team kit.

  • Trainers or football boots. No metal studs allowed. 

  • A water bottle.

We provide:

  • The pitches (up to 50m x 70m).

  • The match ball.

  • Referees and coaches to facilitate games.  

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